Camp14 - Total Control Zone

First rule: escape

  1. Anyone who tries to escape will be shot immediately

  2. Anyone who witnesses an escape or doesn’t report it will be shot  immediately

Second rule: gatherings

  1. Anyone who enters another zone wi thout permission from the responsible  national securi ty officer will be shot immediately.

  2. Gatherings outside of work are forbidden, unless expressly permitted

  3. During the night not more than 3 personsd are allowed to move together.

  4. Outside of work not more then 3 persons are allowed  to meet and talk.

Third rule: theft

  1. Anyone who possesses or steals a weapon will be shot immediately

  2. Anyone who steals or hides any kind of food in the work camp will be shot immediately

  3. Who willingly destroys machinery or tools will be shot immeadiatly

Fourth rule: obedience

  1. Anyone who disobeys an order will be shot immediately

  2. Anyone who assaults or rebels against a member of national security will be shot immediately.

  3. Nobody is allowede to contardict against the member of national security

  4. Everybody has to great a member of national security

Fifth rule: outsiders

  1. Whoever hides or protects an outsider will be shot immediately.

  2. Possessing or hiding any kind of object from outside is forbidden and the person will be shot

Sixth rule: control

  1. Prisoners must retain order, be attentive and keep watchful tabs on each other and report anything suspicious to the guards

  2. Everybody has to be present at ideological assenbly.

  3. Nobody is allowed  not to criticize  themsefs  in front of the ideolagical assembly

Seventh rule: work

  1. Anyone who neglects or fails to carry out the work allocated to hi will be shot immediately.

  2. The accomplishment of your assigned duties is the only way to pay your debt and show gratitude for the laws which show you mercy.

  3. Your are not allowed to chasnge any given orders

Eight rule: husband and wife

  1. Anyone who has unauthorised contact with a man or a woman will be shot immediately..

  2. Men and women may not talk to each other outside of work without express permission

  3. Without reason men an women are not allowed to hold hands or share the same bed.

  4. Without permission nobody is allowed to enter rooms of men or women

Ninth rule: guilt

  1. Anyone who doesn’t admit or confess to his wrongdoings, or forms his own opinion of his guilt will be shot immediately.

  2. You are obliged to reflect your guilt and try hard to become a better member of society.

  3. Only those who accept their guil t and repent have a chance at a new beginning

Tenth rule: rules

  1. Anyone who disregards the camp rules and regulations will be shot immediately.

  2. All camp inmates must make up for their past mistakes by accepting the national security officials as their teachers and by strictly abiding by the ten rules and regulations. Honest work and rules will contribute to this.


The 10 rules and commandments of Work Camp 14

Camp 14 is a concentration camp with security level “Total Control Zone” and is as large as

a city: with 40,000 prisoners and measuring 500 square kilometres. The concentrat ion camp is in Oedong-ri , Kaechon city in the South Pyongan Province, about 80 kilometres north

of the capital Pyongyang. Inside the camp there are coalmines, work groups for construction and cement factories. There is a ceramic, rubber and textile factory and agricultural farms. Food is strictly rationed: 700g of corn a day per adult , 300g for each child wi th some Chinese cabbage and salt to go with it. The highest security level “Total Control Zone” means whoever lives in the camp will never leave it. Inmates remain imprisoned there until they die.

   download report from the

„U.S.Comittee for Human Rights in North Korea“